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Title: harry on..thestral
Artist: julip (coldbeverage)
Medium: pencil, photoshop 7
Based on: Jacques-Louis David's Napoleon here
Notes:This was really quick (as you can tell) i didnt even put wings on the testral..oh well, I'm new here and i don't really know how this comm works..do you get assigned a painting/artist to work from? choose? lottery? gah!! anyways, hello. this place is neat!
here is the art!
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OMFG NO. NOOO *flail*

my HUGE HUGE comment deleted. why *sob*

in brief: you combined my three favorite things - napoleonic history, jacques-louis david, and harry potter

the thestral with its gaping skeletal jaws coming out of the skin is MOST awesome

there is no longer a challenge for this community (the comm was mostly made for the brushstrokes and broomsticks challenge which ended september 1st) but as the userinfo states, random arthistory/harry potter fics and art can be posted here outside the challenge, so yay, you did right in posting! mmm glad you posted. very glad. no idea when there will be another challenge though
wow. i love the way you did the thestral. gorgeous!
Cool. I really like the thestral's face.
Oooh! I wish the thestral had wings, because its head is to die for! Errr, literally? Ugh. Anyways. Gorgeous. Would you mind if I made an icon from it, with credit, of course?
i dont mind at all, thanks!
That's absolutely amazing. I love how you used the sketchyness of the pencils for the shadowing and then colored in all the shading (like around the thestral's flanks and Harry's robes). And the pose is so natural and inspiring! I'd follow rallying Harry anyway. *dreamy*

He is so cute and the slight smirk on his face - GUH.

That thestral is great; I've never seen one drawn like that, I looooove the bony snot area, like. Totally freaky, totally thestral.

Eee, so fantastic!

you've combined two of my favorite subjects: napoleon and hp. *fangirl*

Suspended comment

Woah, that's really great! Your take on the thestral is awesome :)
Wow... that is the coolest thing that I have come across in a while. Nice version of that peice of art!!!
Oh man, that's just *fabulous*. Very creative.
Commenting late, but DAMN this is an amazing piece.