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Art: Narcissa's Crown of Thorns

Artist: Kia
Medium: pencil, Photoshop
Rating: G
Inspiration: Portrait of Ginevra de’Benci, by Leonardo da Vinci

Novel-length notes: This is a bit of a rush job since I took up the challenge after I realised that my not entirely serious solution to the Boucher's Portrait of Madame de Pompadour (1759) was a tad too simple and not working at all.

I didn't went for the obvious character portrayal here, because the Ginevra in the original painting has such blank eyes and joyless expression that it didn't felt right to adapt this with Ginny. I chose Narcissa, because like the original Ginevra in Leonardo's painting she strikes me as someone who might be trapped in a marriage of convenience, someone who is most likely to adapt a blank stare and a joyless, snobbish facial expression. In some major way I also consider this portrait a sequel to this drawing of Narcissa. Before and after, so to speak.

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