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Title: Assignment
Author: Wisconsin_cows
Rating: Not sure yet
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Harry Potter except for the books. JKRowling is the mastermind behind all of the characters...I just use them in stories.
Authors note: Okay well This story has not had a beta reader yet. It's a WIP. I was only going to write a one shot but thne had to many ideas. So what your getting is like a little taste of what is to come. Also I'm warning you that it will be a while before I update it too. I have tennis and marching band and school and a job so right now I don't have very much time. But I will post again when I've updated if you guys care to read more. I will leave my LJ link here so you can read my story and you can friend me if you care to read more. Thanks a million and I hope you enjoy. It's my first fic!! Read and review please!! It's open for any kind of critisicm so feel free!! Thanks!!!


I hope I did that right...If there are any problems you can email me at hunter_babe_2007@yahoo.com

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