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Title: The Approaching Storm
Artist: Cacophonously
Medium: Photshop
Rating: G

This is based on Giorgione's "The Tempest".

Approaching Storm

The original painting was actually meant to focus more on the storm in the background than the figures in the foreground. The idea I had immediately was of the storm representing the approaching war, the woman of course being Lily with Harry. I decided to have Snape trying to warn Lily, and her brushing him off. The green lightning, of course, very unsubtly represents Avada Kedavra. I know the figures are awful, sorry. I was totally done the pic, went to save, and Photoshop shut down on me :( I was entirely out of time, too, so I had to just quickly try to put them back in...

If Photobucket isn't working properly, you can also see it here, at my DevArt account...
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